The Clock Tower

“Torre dell’orologio” also known as the Tower of the Spaniards. It has a majolica clock from the 1700s at the top and was the southern entrance to Castellone. Castellone Medieval area, Via del castello 47.

St Giovanni Battista and St Lorenzo Church

The ancient churches of San Lorenzo and San Giovanni Battista, near the village of Mola dated back to 831 and 1566 and until the '700 were divided by a wall, then destroyed in 800, making them become a single church with two naves. The church of San Giovanni was adjacent to the castle with two […]

Archeological National Museum

The Museum preserves archaeological finds (I century BC-II AD), spared from the devastation of the Second World War or found during excavations in the territory. The collection is composed mainly of sculptures, of high artistic level, dating mostly between the first century BC and the first century AD, the period of the greatest flowering of […]

Fontana di San Remigio

It is a spring from Roman age which is still preserved in good condition. Leaning against a sturdy wall of limestone blocks, it is about seven meters long and one and a half wide. It had a cistern for water supply in the back. The water came out of two anthropomorphic masks, depicting the sun […]

The Hermitage of San Michele

The Hermitage of San Michele dates back to 830. This sacred place is located at 1220 meters above sea level in the territory of Maranola, a suburb of Formia, a mountain that smells the sea breeze a few kilometers away from it. The structure was rebuilt in 1893, when Archbishop Francesco Niola visited it. A […]

Cisternone Romano

This Cistern is one of the largest ever built by the Romans and one of the biggest in the ancient Western World after the one in Instanbul. It’s located in Castellone Medieval area, just few steps away from Piazza Sant’Erasmo. The inner structure reveals four lines of pillars dividing the interior into four aisles covered […]