Diocesan Museum

The diocesan museum is located inside the historic Palazzo De Vio. It was established in the fifties as a museum-archive to preserve finds from the classical age and the medieval period and testimonies of Gaeta’s history. The museum, since its inception, also housed paintings of religious buildings damaged in the last war, of churches destroyed or deconsecrated. Since 1998 work has begun on the recovery and renovation of the De Vio palace to use it as a Diocesan Museum and the religiosity of the Aurunci Mountains Park.  The new museum collects the paintings present in the previous one as well as many other works from churches in Gaeta and the Diocese.

In the rooms of the museum are exhibited paintings made by Riccardo Quartararo, Teodoro d'Errico Fiammingo, Girolamo Imparato, Quentin Metsis, Luis de Morales, Fabrizio Santafede, Andrea Vaccaro, Giacinto Brandi, Luca Giordano, Francesco Solimena and Pompeo Batoni.

It is also displayed the Standard of Lepanto painting (oil on canvas) by the painter Girolamo Siciolante, which depicts on both sides, the Crucifix between Saints Peter and Paul. In a particular room there are two Byzantine crosses; the monstrance and chalice of Pius IX in Gaeta in the years 1848-49 and three medieval Exultet on parchment.

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