Set on the spur of Monte Orlando is Gaeta, a maritime republic and tourist resort since ancient Roman times. Its coastline is composed of a succession of beaches bordered by rocky cliff, on which are raised several coastal towers, alternated by charming bays and coves. The hamlet has a typically medieval urban fabric and is centred around the majestic Angevin-Aragonese Castle, with typical streets, walkways, Norman bell towers and walls, which form the district of S. Erasmo. There are a number of religious buildings of artistic and cultural importance: the Cathedral of S. Erasmo, the churches of Annunziata with the adjacent Grotta d’oro cave, S. Giovanni a Mare, S. Francesco and S. Domenico. A short distance away is the Sanctuary of Trinità, set on Monte Orlando, a protected area of the Riviera di Ulisse Regional Park. Close to the Sanctuary are the Grotta del Turco cave and the fissure in the rock known as Montagna Spaccata, both of which have links to the Christian religion. This area is also home of various other sites, such as the Mausoleum of L. Munatius Plancus, Diocesan Museum and the religiosity of the Aurunci Mountains Park, museum, the archaeological museum and the gallery in the old town of Gaeta.