Gaeta Cathedral

The Cathedral is located in the medieval area of Gaeta near the port. It was built around the eleventh century on the previous church of S. Maria del Parco, perhaps of the seventh century, and was consecrated by Pope Paschal II in 1106. The Diocese of Gaeta was elevated to Archdiocese by the Apostolic Brief of Pope Pius IX of 10 December 1848 while the Cathedral was declared a minor Basilica, again by Pope Pius IX, on 31 December 1848. The church is dedicated to Maria Assunta into Heaven and, from 995, also to Saints Erasmus and Marciano. Upon the discovery of the body of Bishop Erasmus, who had been transferred from Formia under the episcopate of Campolo in the eighth century. Originally in Romanesque style with seven naves, the building has undergone numerous transformations, as in the thirteenth century when it was modulated in Gothic style. The church was annexed to the Baptistery of S. Giovanni della Fonte of the X century. A complete renovation that modified the architectural structure and style, took place under King Ferdinand IV in 1690, who for danger of collapse incorporated the columns in mighty pillars. The bell tower in Moorish Arab style, 57 meters high, with its mighty and rich atrium, which preserves Roman columns and sarcophagi and two slabs of the ancient medieval ambo, perhaps at the beginning served as an entrance to the Cathedral. Art historians consider it the most beautiful bell tower in Italy. Stars. The façade dates back to 1903, the work of the priest Pimpinella.

Via del Duomo

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