ST. Francis church

St. Francis Church is absolutely the symbol of the city, it is probably one of the most beautiful churches of the city. The Church was founded by the patron of Italy in 1222, at the foot of Monte Orlando. It was Charles II of Anjou who had it reconstructed some centuries after, and finally it was Ferdinand II of the Two Sicilies who ordered a radical restoration. A breathtaking panorama is admirable from the church! To get there, you need to go along a tiny upward road that twists and turns from the historic center. In front of the church, watching over the whole city, there is the Statue of Religion, by Luigi Persico, representing a standing woman holding a big cross.

On the external facade, at the sides of the big marble gate are the statues of Charles II of Anjou and Ferdinand II of Bourbon, both by sculptor Gennaro De Crescenzo. 

The interior of the church is formed by three naves without transept, covered by a vaulted ceiling and divided by two rows of pointed arches. The whole, together with the decorations of the ceiling and the walls, represents the quintessence of the Gothic and neo-Gothic styles.The main altar, designed as well by Guarinelli, is made with finely sculpted plaster, with a rich embossed neo-Gothic architectonical decoration.

Via San Giovanni Bosco

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