St Giovanni Battista and St Lorenzo Church

The ancient churches of San Lorenzo and San Giovanni Battista, near the village of Mola dated back to 831 and 1566 and until the '700 were divided by a wall, then destroyed in 800, making them become a single church with two naves.

The church of San Giovanni was adjacent to the castle with two naves and a portico. Destroyed by the war, the new church dates back to 1938 and preserves inside the valuable baroque wooden statue of the patron saint of Formia, a table by anonymous antoniazzano of the fifteenth century, representing the Madonna and Child between St. Sebastian and St. Lawrence, surviving works of the old church and a painting of the Madonna di Ponza by the painter Geronimo Stabile of the sixteenth century, former altarpiece of the church of Ponza.

It was stolen in 2002 and found in 2005 in Vicenza. There are also various paintings by the painter Antonio Sicurezza