The Park of Gianola

The Park of Gianola and Monte di Scauri was established in 1987 between the municipalities of Minturno and Formia, it lies on a hilly hill of uncontaminated beauty overlooking the sea. Among the green of the characteristic vegetation of the Mediterranean scrub, inhabited by a discreet fauna and birdlife, you can see the ruins of one villa (Villa Mamurra) on the Promontory of Gianola towards Formia (I° A.C.) probably of Mamurra (a rich local knight enriched in the Cesar’s military campaigns of Spain and Gaul), arranged in two mirror-oriented arms with an octagonal nymphaeum called "Temple of Janus" at the top: it contained a spring that fed basins, fountains, baths in the villa, whose water was accumulated in cisterns such as the central one called the "Thirty-six Columns".

The terraces sloping down to the sea, with long arcades, were connected by stairs, one of which was covered called "Grotta della Janara" (Janara is the dialect for witch). On a fishpond of the villa at the "Port of Gianola", around 1930 a landing was built.

For coastal defense were built in the XVI century watchtowers: Scauri (which nowadays is a ruin), Fico, Gianola (which was destroyed) and Torre Foce which faces towards Santa Croce River.