The Park of Gianola

The Park of Gianola and Monte di Scauri was established in 1987 between the municipalities of Minturno and Formia, it lies on a hilly hill of uncontaminated beauty overlooking the sea. Among the green of the characteristic vegetation of the Mediterranean scrub, inhabited by a discreet fauna and birdlife, you can see the ruins of […]

Cisternone Romano

This Cistern is one of the largest ever built by the Romans and one of the biggest in the ancient Western World after the one in Instanbul. It’s located in Castellone Medieval area, just few steps away from Piazza Sant’Erasmo. The inner structure reveals four lines of pillars dividing the interior into four aisles covered […]


Formia is located in the heart of the Gulf of Gaeta. It is a seaside location with its roots in ancient history, where the ancient Roman bourgeoise left behind the remains of dozens of villas and tombs, the most famous being that of Cicerone. Formia (from the Greek hormiai) extends between the sea and hills […]

Isole Ponziane o Pontine

Within just a couple hours from the coast, there are the Pontine. It’s a six island archipelago: individually they are Gavi, Zannone, Palmarola, Ventotene, Santo Stefano and, the biggest among all, Ponza, from which the archipelago takes its name. There are daily connections both by ferry and by fast boat from the Formia harbour


Sperlonga is a seaside village halfway between Naples and Rome, perched on top of a rocky outcrop, with white lime plaster, with arches, ladders and alleys that open and hide, climb and descend until they slide to the sea. Its urban structure is typically medieval: starting from a first central nucleus, the houses are wrapped […]

Regional Park of Monte Orlando

The Monte Orlando promontory is part of the Riviera di Ulisse regional Park. Jutting into the Gulf of Gaeta, it ends with a spectacular cliff overlooking the sea. It represents the extremity of the Aurunci chain of mountains located closest to the sea and this location creates the ideal climate for particular plant groups that […]

Municipal Art Gallery of Contemporary Art "Giovanni da Gaeta"

The Municipal Art Gallery of Contemporary Art "Giovanni da Gaeta", is located, since 2006, in Palazzo San Giacomo and collects paintings on canvas and wood from the thirteenth century to the first decade of the second half of the nineteenth century. The works, almost all of religious subjects, come from the Diocesan Museum of 1956, […]

St. Giovanni a Mare Church

The church of San Giovanni a Mare, built between the end of the eleventh and the beginning of the twelfth century outside the city walls, is a rare and precious example of Romanesque construction in the shape of a basilica. The building, of Byzantine style with a Latin cross, has three naves with eight Roman […]

Annunziata Church

The church of the Annunziata was founded in 1320 at the behest of the University of Gaeta and was built outside the walls of the city near the sea. In 1536 it was demolished in large part to make room for the construction of the ramparts of the city (now no longer visible) and was […]

Gaeta Cathedral

The Cathedral is located in the medieval area of Gaeta near the port. It was built around the eleventh century on the previous church of S. Maria del Parco, perhaps of the seventh century, and was consecrated by Pope Paschal II in 1106. The Diocese of Gaeta was elevated to Archdiocese by the Apostolic Brief […]